At Central Components we communicate with you to develop the best strategy and solutions for your detailed requirements.

We capture your needs, provide essential input, identify key strategic elements, and guide you through the entire process to successful completion.


Our team of qualified employees produce components which meet strict industry standards for precision and detail.

We leverage expert skill and proven technology such as CAD/CAM software to achieve exacting accuracy and functionality.


  • Aerospace/aircraft componentry
  • Mission-critical military equipment
  • Optical components
  • Medical devices
  • Surgical instrumentation
  • Ruggedized, industrial parts
  • Mechanical assemblies


Our disciplined processes ensure your order will be completed to your detailed requirements

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Precision multi-axis CNC milling/turning
Precision fabrication
Precision sheet metal work
Injection molding
Certified TIG welding
Ultra-precision CNC CMM inspection 

Mechanical Assembling
Custom engineering services
Product development
Complete turn-key product


We specialize in a vast range
of materials that include:

Aluminum / Brass/ Bronze/Copper
Stainless Steel/ Alloy Steels/Titanium/ Inconel    Carbon fibers/Exotic plastics